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They can stand up to young people. The reason why
retrospect singers sell.

Something unusual is happening now in UK music charts.
There were male singers in a tux who song a ballad
in mellow voice from 1930s to 1970s, who have made
a comeback one after another.

Especially CDs of Frank Sinatra, who died 7 years ago
and are well known for his "My way", sells more than
10,000 copies a week. The record company says that
this sales far surpasses what it sold before he died.
And a CD of Matt Monro, who became famous overnight
when he song a theme song of "From Russia With Love"
42 years ago, has been selling so well since last month
that it will get No.1 soon. One of the reasons of
this phenomenon is said that current active musicians
remix those male vocal music and provide them for younger
generation, and second is that tendency of young people is
towards conservatism. It seems that we hear voices from
somewhere saying they can stand up to young people.

The reasons why nostalgic singers , who cannot be
beaten by young singers , catch on

Right now something unusual is happening in the music
hit chart in UK. Female singers who wore tuxedo
and sang ballads with sweet voice , which conveyed them
in every living room from the 1930's to the 70's ,
have come back one after another.

Especially CD sales of Frank Sinatra , who died 7 years
ago and is famous for his song My Way , can reach
more than 10,000 a week. The Record company says
that this is far more than one in his lifetime . While
the CD album of all songs of Mat Monroe , who sang
his song "From Russia with Love " and leaped
into fame , is advancing toward No.1 . It is said that
the background of this come-back phenomenon like this
can be attributed to that 1) the current musicians
playing an active role provide the remixed ones with
young generation 2) and that taste of the young people
is becoming more conservative. I have a feeling as if
I can hear a brisk voice saying " We cannot be beaten
by the youngsters ! "

Why young singers are no match for retro-pop stars

An unexpected change has recently taken place on the
charts in the UK. Male vocalists dressed in tuxedos
whose crooning ballads were heard in the 1930s to 70s
in every household are now coming back onto the charts.

 Frank Sinatra, who died seven years ago, and was well
known for his rendition of "My Way" is making a spectacular
comeback with weekly sales of more than ten thousand copies
of his CD. According to his recording agent this was undreamt
of during his lifetime. Matt Monro sang the theme music from
"From Russia with Love," which earned him his meteoric rise
to stardom 42 years ago. Now the new album featuring all his
songs is on the fast track to reach number one in the charts
from last month. There are two reasons cited for this revival.
The first reason is that present-day musicians are performing
remixes of favorites sung by crooners from the older generation
for young audiences. The second reason is that the younger
generation is leaning towards conservative values. The hearty
voice of "Nobody can beat us" seems to echo somewhere from afar.

Retro pop-singers still keep up with the young.
Why have they become popular again?

Today, an unexpected situation is taking place
on the charts of the U.K. That is; old male pop-singers
are making a comeback one after another. From the 30's
to the 70's, dressed in tuxedos, they were famous
for singing ballads in a fascinating voice, which
everybody used to enjoy at home.

Especially, in the case of Frank Sinatra, well-known
for his hit songs like "My Way" and passed away seven
years ago, his CDs have recently sold more than 10,000
copies a week. According to the record company, this
figure is far bigger than when he was alive.

As for Matt Monro, rose to fame 42 years ago by
singing the theme song from the movie entitled "From
Russia With Love", CD of his complete works went
straight to the top of the best-sellers list from last month.

For this revival we can count two reasons, first,
contemporary musicians are providing the younger
generation with the remixes of vocals by those retro
pop-singers. Secondly, young people are getting
increasingly conservative in their taste for music.

I feel like I am hearing those singers cheerfully
saying, from God knows where, "We can still keep up
with the young."






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