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  Writers' Workshop 9月号, 2005
Writers' Workshop 9月号いってみましょう。



Japanese companies go to India

I landed an airport in Mumbai, the biggest city in
India, at the night of 2, June. The city's population
is now in the vicinity of 18 million. Even though it's
only 11 p.m., the airport was thronged with people. We
headed to our first destination, college town Bune,
by car which is 170 km southeast of Munbai.

There is no lane on the road. The visibility is very
poor because there were only fluorescent light coming
through stalls along the road. The drivers were reckless
enough to cut into line and change the lane frequently.
Though the traffic lights were off, rhythmic breathing
governed the traffic. It was around 1 a.m. but there
were many men gathering around stalls. It was like streets
in Japan around 8 p.m..

Indian economy is in the spotlight. The population is
about 1.1 billion and the land is about three billion,
two thousand and eight hundred sq km, which is wider
than all EU and about nine times as large as Japan.
Some states are wider than Japan itself so it's difficult
to imagine the country's size.



On the night of June 2, I landed at the airport of Mumbai,
India's largest city with a population of some 18 million. It
was already past 11 p.m. but there was still a throng of people
around the airport. I got into a car and headed for Bune about
170 kilometers southeast of Mumbai. Bune is the university town,
where I was going to start doing my duty as a reporter.
There were no lanes painted on the road, and, with only
fluorescent lights coming from roadside stalls, visibility was bad.
They all drove recklessly, cutting in right in front of my car as
soon as they found any space and zigzagging along the road.
Traffic lights were out but the flow of traffic was not interrupted
as drivers hit it off with each other. Even after midnight, stalls
were full of men and remained as busy as those in Japan around
8 p.m.
India's economy is now attracting considerable attention. With
a population of about 1.1 billion, this country has an area of some
3.28 square kilometers, larger than the European Union as a whole
and about nine times as big as Japan. India has a few provinces
each of which is larger than Japan, so it is very hard to grasp
how vast this country is.


Japan based companies find out a means of survival

At the night of June 2nd I got out of the plane at the
airport in Mumbai which is the biggest city in India .
The population is 18 million and people were surging around the
airport , however it was after 11:00PM. I got on a car and
left for the college town of Pune , which is about 170km
southeast from Mumbai and the my first place to cover .

There are no lines on the roads. The only light is leaked from
fluorescent lighting on the road side street stalls so that
it was very dim . All drove so roughly that they constantly
cut off each other and changed lanes wherever space permitted.
Though the signals were turned off, the cars drifted with
harmony together through the street. Even after midnight ,
men gathered around the street stalls . It looked like
Japan around 8:00PM .

The Indian economy is being watched with keen interest .
The population is about 1.1 billion. It is geographically
about 3,280,000 km2 , about 9 times of Japan and no less large
than the whole EU . With some states which are larger than
Japan , it is so difficult to grasp the whole .


Japanese corporations start laying their hope on promising India.

On the evening of June 2, I arrived at Mumbai by air,
the biggest city in India. It has a population of some
18 million. Though it was already after 11 p.m. the airport
area was thronged with multitudes of people. I started by car
for Pune, the first destination on my reporting trip, which
is a college town about 170 km southeast of Mumbai.

There were no lane markings on the road and the visibility
was very poor. The lights I could see along the road were few
and far between, coming from fluorescent lamps at roadside
stalls at the most.

On the whole, local drivers had no driving manners. When
they found just a small space between cars, they would lose
no time to cut in. They were thus aggressive enough to change
the lanes abruptly in a zigzag fashion. Although traffic
lights were not working, they seemed to know how to maneuver
their car through the crossings instinctively.

Even after midnight, many men were still gathering around
the street stalls. It reminded me of the similar bustling
scenes I had watched in Japan at 8 p.m. before.

The Indian economy is drawing a great deal of attention
worldwide. The population is about 1.1 billion. It has an area
of 3.28 million square kilometers, larger than that of total
EU and about nine times as large as that of Japan. Some states
of India are larger than Japan in area. So, the scale of all
India is beyond our imagination.


   India 一 Last Resort for Japanese Enterprises
  On the night of June 2, I landed at the airport in Mumbai.
The city has a population of eighteen million, the largest in
India. The airport and its neighborhood were swarming with
people at some unearthly hour before midnight. I got in a car
and headed for Pune, an academic complex 170 km southeast of
Mumbai, which was the first port of call on my reportage trip.
There were no lane markings on the street, which was void
of light except for faint glimmers of fluorescent light from
roadside stands, affording marginal visibility. Local drivers
threw caution to the wind and cut in on you if they found a
space, however small, and zigzagged down the road. Although
the traffic lights were not working, traffic was not interrupted
because the drivers had learned to drive by the seat of their
pants. A male crowd was hanging out around stands in the dead
of night,一a scene which reminded me of the hustle and bustle
of big cities around 8 p.m. in Japan.
The Indian economy is now the center of attention. With a
population of 1.1 billion, the country has a land area of about
3.28 million square km, nine times the size of Japan and larger
than that of EU as a whole. Some states in the country are
larger than Japan. The vast size of India is just mind-boggling.


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