ピックアップ こーなー 2001年 7-8月



8/28 11面
Peter Gabriel's label helps Net music service


★level playing field 公平な活動の場
The Internet is allowing small, independent and minority
interest music makers to be a level playing field with the bug guys.

L21 (4) level playing field 公平な活動の場


18面 Coalition presented with final plan
for limiting bank's shareholdings


★exempt 免除する
Unlisted shares of start-up firms, however, will be
exempted from the shareholding limitation due to
a need to promote venture companies.

YB L19 (4) exempt 免除された


★forestall 未然に防ぐ
The planned stock-purchasing body is due to start operations
next January to buy a portion of shares held by the banks
and forestall the market disorder that could be caused by
bank's unloading more than \10 trillion in combined holdings
to comply with the limitations.

★☆あといっぽでビンゴ!☆★  昨日のやさビジ 
YB L22 (3) forestall 機先を制する、行く手を阻む、前もって措置を講ずる


今日のやさビジでは bone up on(〜について一生懸命勉強する)
の説明で杉田先生は cram と同じといってました。これも一種のkaburiか。

Net business for special needs brisk in U.S.

Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act

☆visual impairments 視力障害
☆motor-skills problems 運動神経能力の問題 

★brisk  活発な
YB L7 (4) brisk 威勢がよい、活発な 

★pitch 売る
YB L12 (1) pitch to 〜に売り込む
YB L19 (1) sales pitch (商品の)強引な宣伝、売り込み

★fall prey to えじきになる
YB L6 (3) fall prey to …のえじきになる、…の犠牲となる 


I couldn't find any kaburi.


10面 Nintendo launches GameCube in fierce computer game war
★fierce 激しい 

YB L15 (1) fiercely 獰猛に、猛烈に

★down the road いつか将来
Peter Main, executive vice president of Nintendo of America
said he was not worried about the competition from Xbox and
Playstation 2, because GameCube was sticking to the basics
and not trying to offer something consumers may only want
down the road.

YB L4 (1) somewhere down the road いつか将来に、いつかそのうち 
★downfall 転落
Microsoft's decision to offer more at a higher price
could prove its downfall unless online games take off

YB L21 (4) downfall 転落、没落

6面 MP3.com faces new lawsuit

★hefty fine 莫大な罰金
In an earlier case, the judge hesitated to impose
hefty fines for fear of bankrupting MP3.com, but now
that Vivendi is buying the site, the judge can rule 
without regard for the economic situation of MP3.com.

YB L7 (2) hefty 重い、大きい 
YB 2000 L8 fine,罰金、科料
YB L19 (3) fine 罰金、罰金を科す



1面 Cop fatally stabbed, attacker shot to death
★fatally stabbed 刺殺される

(from 英辞朗)
 fatally beat  撲殺する 
 be fatally injured 重傷を負う、致命傷を負う 
 be fatally shot in the head 頭に致命傷を負う 
 be fatally stabbed 刺されて致命傷を負う 
 be fatally wounded 致命傷を負う 

YB L3 (4) fatality 死、不慮の死、惨事 
YB L19 (1) fatal accident 死亡記事

3面 Special postmasters wield special power
☆wield power 勢力を振るう 

★win over 理解を得る
However, the postal family cannot win over the public
if it goes so far as to violate election laws in an 
organized manner.

☆go so far as to do 〜さえする、〜するほどまでする
YB L21 (2) win over 〜を説得する、〜を味方に引き入れる

★make a difference 違いをもたらす
The loss and gain would make a difference of about 3,000
votes, which could be decisive in single-seat constituencies
where only one candidate could win.

YB 2000 L6 make a difference,効果を生む
YB 2000 L7 make a difference,効果を生じる
YB L9 (3) make a difference 効果がある 
YB L20 (4) make a difference 重要である、差別をつける

★outlay 支出
Some experts pointed out that outlays for the information
technology and communication fields are linked to new
interest groups and votes that lawmakers want to take
advantage of.

☆interest group 圧力団体

YB L19 (4) outlay 支出、経費

6面 Asian tigers weak as kittens
★come up with idea 思い付く
In early July, Taiwan President Chen Shui-bian called
an urgent meeting of business leaders at his presidential 
office, where they were asked to come up with ideas for
turning economy around.

YB L11 (3) come up with 〜を出す、〜を拠出する

★economic woes 経済的苦しみ
There is good reason for concern over the economic
woes of the region's emerging markets.

☆emerging markets エマージング・マーケット、新興成長市場 

YB L15 (2) Woe is me. ああ悲しいかな。


4面 Patent blues need lightning up
★complement 補足する
We hope the issues brought up in Nakamura's lawsuit
will complement the government's efforts.

YB L18 (2) complement 補完しあう、申し分なくさせる

★boost n 上昇
Furthermore, Nakamura's invention gave Nichia's business
a rapid boost

YB L3 (2) boost 高める、押し上げる、あおる 
YB L8 (1) boost 後押しする 
YB L11 (3) boost someone's livehood (人の)暮らしを向上させる
YB L15 (2) boost 増やす、押し上げる


1面 3 diplomats punished for funds abuse
★padding bill 水増した請求書
The ministry also announced that 18 officials
received taxi coupons from ministry officials who
had been dismissed from the ministry for their role in a
scandal involving padding bills for hired cars.

☆dismiss 解雇する

YB L16 (1) pad 水増しする

★reprimand 叱責、非難、譴責、戒告、懲戒、処分 

Of the 18 officials, two received reprimands and
16 were issued warnings.

YB 2000 L26 (1) reprimand 叱責する、非難する


1面 Blue LED inventor sues former bosses
Nakamura said the firm had not paid him for his 
contribution, despite making sizeable profits 
from sales of blue LEDs.

YB L12 (1) sizeable かなり大きい、相当な
YB L14 (3) sizeable かなり大きい、相当な


8面 Pyongyang angry over U.S.-ROK war games
北朝鮮はアメリカと韓国の共同War gameを糾弾しました。
★resort to 〜に訴える
The North accused the United States of "pushing forward
its attempt to stifle the DPRK by forth of arm...
by resorting to more modern means and methods,

☆stifle 抑制する
☆DPRK = North Korea

YB L18 (2) resort to 〜に頼る

★condemn 糾弾する
In a commentary on Wednesday, the official agency
condemned recent remarks by U.S. Defense Secretary
Donald Rumsfeld on North Korea's missiles, which
are used to justify the proposed U.S. national
missile defense shield.

YB L19 (1) condemn 糾弾する


1面 'Special post office ' system must be reviewed
その採用方法は、ほぼ世襲! 謎の一時金も支給されるなど問題が多そうです。

★discretion 自由裁量
On top of that, more than \90 billion in lump-sum
allowances is distributed to postmasters each year,
the use of which is left to the discretion of each postmaster.

☆lump-sum allowance 一時金

YB 2000 L6 discretion,自由裁量

16面 Letters To The Editor




1面 Agency aims to catch more tax delinquents
★account for 占める
The agency said the new system will enable tax officials
to efficiently handle small-lot arrears of \5 million or 
less, which account for about 90 percent of the total 
amount of overdue national taxes,

☆arrears (支払いの)滞り、滞納(金)
YB L5 (3) account for …を占める 
YB L19 (2) account for 〜を占める

★rampant はびこる
Although the balance of tax arrears slightly dropped
in fiscal 2000 from a year earlier after the tax
authority tightened its collection methods and sought
cooperation from taxpayer unions, cases of tax evasion
are still rampant, tax authority said.

☆tax evasion 脱税

YB L5 (4) rampant 広がって、はびこって、大流行して 
YB L6 (2) rampant はびこって、広がって、手に負えない 

1面 Public corp. not answer to postal savings woes
★woes トラブル、苦痛

YB L15 (2) Woe is me. ああ悲しいかな。

☆woo 〜を手に入れる、せがむ
☆freed-up cash 自由になったお金(ここでは満期になった郵貯の定額貯金のこと)
Banks and securities houses have been putting new
financial products on the market to woo the freed-up cash.

☆matured time deposit 満期定期預金

★map out 立案する
So that individual savings can effectively benefit
the Japanese economy, serious discussion is needed
to map out measures for the private sector.

YB L18 (1) map out 地図に〜を精密に記す、地図を区域分けする

3面 Govt frustrated by Russia's northern isles attitude
★condemn 糾弾する
Koizumi sent a letter complaining about saury fishing
in the northern territories to Russian President
Vladimir Putin Monday, strongly condemning Russia's
leniency in handing out fishing grants to North and
South Korea and a Ukranian fishing company.

☆leniency 寛大さ

YB L19 (1) condemn 糾弾する


1面 Panel starts debates on BOJ monetary policy
★boost 高める
Although the central bank announced Tuesday it 
would further boost money supply,

YB L3 (2) boost 高める、押し上げる、あおる 
YB L8 (1) boost 後押しする 
YB L11 (3) boost someone's livehood (人の)暮らしを向上させる
YB L15 (2) boost 増やす、押し上げる

★stem 抑制する
stem from ではありません。
The report is expected to reflect these calls and press
the bank to further ease its monetary policy as the panel is
likely to call for the establishment of an inflation
target to help stem deflation.

YB L3 (1) stem from …に由来する、…から起こる 
YB L6 (2) stem from …に由来する 
ここではstem deflationで、「デフレを抑制する」

1面 Nikkei Stock Average hits 17-yr closing low
★map out 立案する
The point is whether the government will be able to
map out powerful economic measures to urge investors
to buy back stocks.

YB L18 (1) map out 地図に〜を精密に記す、地図を区域分けする

2面 18-year sentence sought for girl's killer
★humiliation 屈辱
★obsess 取り付かれる
Yamada harbored a sense of humiliation from her mistaken
belief that she was being snubbed by Haruna's mother
and this led her to obsess over everything the girl's
mother said or did.

☆harbor 心に抱く
☆snub ばかにする

YB L8 (4) humiliating 屈辱的な 
YB L4 (2) obsess (考えなどが)付きまとう、取り付く、悩ます 

2面 Credit union fiddle books, papers show
★fiddle ごまかす

YB L19 (5) fiddle around with 〜をいじめる、〜で暇つぶしをする

6面 New approach needed on truancy
★high time to 〜する潮時
It is high time the ministry took a new tack in dealing
with absenteeism.
☆truancy ずる休み、無断欠勤
☆tack 方針
☆absenteeism 常習的欠席

YB L19 (2) high time to 〜する潮時

☆charter school 《米》チャーター・スクール、税補助を受けるが

☆alternative school オルターナティブ・スクール

alternative medicineといい、alternativeの付く言葉は多そう。

★commendable 立派な
But at the same time, we must realize that the ongoing
increase in absenteeism is anything but commendable.

☆anything but 〜どころではない、〜とはほど遠い 

YB L1 (1) commendable 賞賛するに足る、立派な、感心な 

★complement 完全にする
This move should be complemented by training teachers
how to counsel students with a history of absenteeism.

YB L18 (2) complement 補完しあう、申し分なくさせる

6面 How Reagan and Thatcher did it
In 1949 the yen was pegged at \360 to the dollar,
which ended the hyperinflation of the late 1940s.

YB L19 (3) peg 〜at [米口] (〜を)〜と見極める、


☆top rate 最高税率

★top tax bracket 高額納税者層
Between 1950 and 1952, the top tax bracket was raised
from income of \5000,000 to \2 million, and lower
bracket thresholds were raised as well.

YB L12 (1) income bracket 所得層
YB L16 (4) age bracket 年齢層

★cornucopia たくさん
★exemption 免除
Businesses enjoyed a cornucopia of exemptions, deductions
and rapid depreciations.

☆deduction 控除
☆depreciation 減価償却

YB 2000 L5 cornucopia,宝庫、豊穣
YB L19 (4) exempt 免除された

cornucopia 【名】 《ギリシャ神話》Zeusに授乳したヤギの角、

6面 Letters To The Editor 
No attempt to speak English



7面 ROK's No.1 song-sharing service indicted
★be bound to 必ず〜する
Launched a year ago, Soribaba was bound to be a hit:
nearly half of South Korea's 46 million people access
the Internet, one of the world's highest rates,
and high-speed connections that enables a 10-second
file transfer for a typical song are widespread.

YB L15 (1) be bound to 〜せざるをえない、確かに〜するはずである
YB L19 (3) be bound to 〜するに違いない、確かに〜する、〜する義務がある

Science Technology
10面 Robots explores in Xmas lecture
★implant 埋め込む
Warwick explained that in 1998 he underwent surgery to
have a computer microchip implanted in his arm.

L18 (2) cosmetic implant 美容整形用インプラント


Science Technology
10面 Planet discovered
★depict 描写する
The diameters of the sun, the star, and the orbits of 
the planets are not depicted on the same scale.

YB L3 (3) depict 描写する、描く 


1面 Govt to seek revision of law on U.N. mission
★in line with 〜に沿った
The two measures are being taken in line with the 
nation's intention to take an active part in a new 
U.N. peacekeeping operation in East Timor.

YB L1 (3) in line with …に合わせて、…と調和して 
YB L12 (3) be in line with 〜と一致(調和)している

★stem from 由来する
The self-imposed restriction on U.N. peacekeeping
activities stems from a provision in the U.N.
Peacekeeping Activities Cooperation Law,
which was enacted in 1992.

☆self-imposed restriction 自主規制
☆provision 条項

YB L3 (1) stem from …に由来する、…から起こる 
YB L6 (2) stem from …に由来する 

★in line with 〜に沿った
The decision to submit the revision bill is in line with
instructions Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi gave in May
to the government's international peace cooperation

YB L1 (3) in line with …に合わせて、…と調和して 
YB L12 (3) be in line with 〜と一致(調和)している

★coincide with  〜と時を同じくする
Coinciding with the decision to enable Japanese troops
to act as members of U.N. peacekeeping forces, the
government intends to revise five principles concerning
Japan's participation in U.N. peacekeeping operations.

YB L12 (2) coincide with 〜に符号(一致)する

1面 System set up to raise mammogram quality
★mammogram 乳房X線写真

YB L18 (4) mammogram 乳房X線写真

☆embark on 乗り出す
This is the first time medical associations have embarked 
on a nationwide mission to screen medical institutions
in relation to the quality of their mammograms.

4面 System failing to save abused kids
☆bruise 【名】 打撲傷、打ち身、当て傷、あざ、心の傷、(果物の)痛み[変色]
☆agony 【名】(肉体・精神的な)激しい苦痛、苦悶、苦悩
☆bother to わざわざ〜する
☆attribute to 〜に帰する、〜に帰属する、〜のせいにする
☆irresponsible 【形】 責任感のない、無責任な、いい加減な、でたらめな
☆in the custody of 〜に保管されて、〜に保護されて、〜に養育されて

★resort to 〜の手段を取る
Some mothers resort to child abuse because of
insecurities over how to raise children.

YB L18 (2) resort to 〜に頼る



1面 Govt plans to boost science, math study
★nurture 養成する
The ministry hopes its Super Science High School
project will nurture talented students in the
science and technology field.

YB L11 (3) nurture 養成(育成)する

2面 Warrant sought in abduction case
★bundle into (人・物を)ぞんざいに(〜の中に)押し込む
The 21-year-old man is believed to be the one
who bundled Akimoto into the white sedan.

YB L20 (3) bundle of 〜の一束、〜の塊

2面 Ministry plans new foster-parent system
★would-be 〜志望の
Under the present system, prefectural governments
screen would-be foster parents and give their approval
to those who pass.

☆foster parent 里親

YB L20 (3) would-be 〜志望の、将来の

3面 Allowing Net use in elections a vexing issue
☆vexing issue 当惑させる問題
★pending 審議中の
The bill is currently pending in the Diet.

YB L19 (2) pending 〜中の、未決定の、係争中の

★relate to 
Should the use of the Net be liberalized for election
campaigns, a likely task will be to maintain a balance
between regulations that pertain to Net use and those
that relate to conventional election campaign methods.

☆pertain to 〜に関する
YB L19 (5) relate to 〜と関係を持つ

15面 Ban cell phones - unless under squid attack
★appendix 虫垂
Hello? Yes, this is Dr. Johnson. Oh, hello Dr. Smith.
You've opened the abdominal cavity? Good! Now the
appendix should be right under the... What? No,
that's the liver. Don't take THAT out, ha ha! Oh, you did?

☆abdominal cavity 腹腔{ふっくう} 

YB L20 (2) appendix 虫垂

☆play-by-play 実況の
☆squid イカ
☆snatch ひったくる
☆yak おしゃべりをする、無駄話をする、しゃべりまくる 
☆bleed from  〜出血する 

20面 Going Dutch: Ono set for Feyenoord debut
"I'm overjoyed," Ono said during a news conference.

YB L20 (2) overjoyed 大喜びする

☆embark on a quest 探求に乗り出す

★caliber 能力
But Laybutt said wherever Ono plays, he is undoubtedly
up to Dutch first division caliber.

YB L18 (4) high-caliber 高度な、優れた


1面 Nonreligious monument planned for war dead
★foreign dignitaries 外国の要人 
The government wants the new memorial to be a place
where ceremonies can be held in a more informal style -
without ties to specific religions - and where foreign
dignitaries from diverse relious backgrounds will
fell more relaxed if they visit.

YB L19 (4) foreign dignitary 外国の要人(首脳)

★on active duty (退役・予備役に対して)従軍中の
The government is also considering a plan to use
the new facility to commemorate not only the war dead,
but also police officers and members of the 
Self-Defense Forces who died on active duty.

☆commemorate 追悼する

YB L19 (4) on duty 勤務中で、当番の

active duty : a soldier etc. who is on active service
is fighting in a war


1面 IMF: Increase monetary easing
★in turn 次には
IMF executive directors "were concerned that Japan
could reenter a cycle of slowing activity, rising
bankruptcies, and a deteriorating banking system,
which would, in turn, exacerbate the global downtown,"

YB L14 (2) in turn 順に、今度は
YB L19 (1) in turn 次には

1面 Fiscal management should be made more efficient
★outlay 支出
To implement Koizumi's reform pledge, the Cabinet
on Friday approved setting a ceiling on general
expenditures in the fiscal 2002 budget, launching
its effort to cut in the public works outlay from 
the initial budget for the current fiscal year.

YB L19 (4) outlay 支出、経費

★account for 占める
For instance, funds used for improving agricultural
productivity and the environment of farming villages,
which accounted for 14.1 percent of public works projects
in fiscal 1980, still accounted for 11.5 percent
in fiscal 2001.

YB L5 (3) account for …を占める 
YB L19 (2) account for 〜を占める

★cap 上限を定める
If the economy slows down while there is little hope
for increases in tax revenues, it will be difficult 
for Koizumi to realize his pledge to cap issuance 
of government bonds at \30 trillion in fiscal 2002.

YB L15 (3) put a cap on 〜の上限を設ける

2面 4 arrested over forged highway cards
★counterfeit 偽造する
The president of a printing firm and three other men
have been arrested on suspicion of counterfeiting
prepaid highway cards at a factory in Osaka

YB L6 (4) counterfeit 紛い品、模造品、偽造品 

★ring 団
Police plan to question the four further,
believing that a crime syndicate is behind an
organized forgery ring.

YB L6 (5) porn ring ポルノ犯罪一味

★bogus 偽造
It is suspected that the former crime syndicate
member cashed in the cards at ticket-exchange outlets
and other venders after installing magnetic
data on the bogus cards.

YB L6 (3) bogus いんちきの、偽りの 

2面 Official rapped for sexual harassment
★reprimand 叱責する
A former official of the regional taxation bureau
in Kanazawa was reprimanded and had his pay cut as
punishment for sexually harassing a female coworker
last year.

YB 2000 L26 (1) reprimand 叱責する、非難する

3面 U.S. govt asks appeals court to expedite Microsoft case
★remedy 改善策
Granting a (delay) would further delay the public's
remedy and contribute to uncertainty in the market.

YB L18 (2) remedy 療法、治療、医療

4面 Fans line up for Clinton trading cards
★depict 描く
★sales pitch 売り込み
The cards depict Clinton in three poses, describe the
former president's ties to Hot Springs and include
a sales pitch for the town.

YB L3 (3) depict 描写する、描く 
YB L19 (1) sales pitch (商品の)強引な宣伝、売り込み

4面 Roman Catholic leaders slam Bush over stem-cell issue
★condemn 糾弾する
Roman Catholic leaders condemned as "morally unacceptable" 
U.S. President George W. Bush's support of limited federal
funding for embryonic stem cell research.

YB L19 (1) condemn 糾弾する
★ban 禁止
Bush's own denomination, the United Methodist Church,
had urged him to uphold the ban on federal funding.

☆denomination 宗派
☆uphold 支持する

YB L19 (2) ban 禁止令

4面 Space shuttle Discovery lifts off
☆astronaut アメリカの宇宙飛行士
☆cosmonaut ソ連の宇宙飛行士

5面 A time for bold budget measures
★stiff 厳しい
Reforms in all these areas are likely to meet stiff 
resistance from Diet members who lobby for the interests
of particular sectors, bureaucrats and local governments
and assemblies.

☆lobby (議員に)(〜するよう)働きかける

YB L19 (3) stiff 猛烈な、断固とした、高価な

5面 Cyclists get short shrift in city designed for cars
☆get short shrift (よく聞いてもらえず)あっさり片付けられる

★join the bandwagon 時流に乗る
If cyclists are allowed use of the Shuto Highway,
some train commuters might also join the bandwagon.

YB L18 (3) climb onto the bandwagon 時流に乗る、便乗する


@IT TOEIC 600点への道(2)では、早くも挫折しそうな雰囲気。

1面 Police raid security firm in Akashi overpass probe	
★raid (警察が)手入れする	
Police on Thursday raided the Fukuoka head office	
of Nishikan, a security firm that is suspected of	
professional negligence resulting in death and injury	
YB L9 (1) raid the refrigerator 冷蔵庫の中の物を摘み食いする 	
★on duty 勤務時間中で	
He allegedly exaggerated the number of guards on duty and	
deleted records of radio communications in an attempt	
to pass the blame on to police	
YB L19 (4) on duty 勤務中で、当番の	
★pad 水増しする	
He reportedly admitting deleting records of radio 	
communications between Nishikan and police, and told	
investigators he had padded the number of security	
guards in an incident report for fear the firm would	
be blamed for lax security.	
☆lax 怠慢な	
YB L16 (1) pad 水増しする	
2面 Neighbors outraged by child killings	
★condemn 責める、とがめる、非難する	
Murdering small and innocent children is a sin that 	
must be condemned.	
YB L19 (1) condemn 糾弾する	
2面 Parents sue hospital staff over daughter's death	
★claim 主張する	
It also said the doctor and medical center officials	
collaborated in falsifying a death certificate claiming	
Furudate died of natural causes after the overdose 	
resulted in multiple organ failure and her death on Oct. 7.	
☆falsify 偽造する	
☆a death certificate 死亡診断書	
YB L19 (3) claim 主張する	
★tumor 腫瘍	
Furudate, a second-year high school student, was being 	
treated at the hospital for a tumor in her jaw.	
☆jaw あご	
YB L10 (1) tumor 腫瘍、できもの 	
YB L18 (4) breast tumor 乳房の腫瘍(しゅよう)	
3面 Full text of Nagasaki's Peace Declaration	
★on the verge of 今にも〜しようとして	
Notwithstanding, no fewer than 30,000 nuclear warheads	
remain in existence on the surface of our planet,	
and the nuclear threat is now on the verge of 	
expanding into space.	
英会話 6/19 on the verge of  〜の寸前で	
3面 Nagasaki man recalls deaths of siblings in A-bomb horror	
★sibling 兄弟姉妹	
YB 2000 L15 (1) sibling 兄弟姉妹	
3面 Tanaka critics crank up volume, demand apology for remarks	
★lay down the law 命令的に言い渡す	
But after Koizumi laid down the law over personnel	
changes at the Foreign Ministry,	
YB 2000	L6 lay down the law,しかる、どなりつける
YB L1 (1) lay down the law 独断的に決めつける、命令的に言い渡す 	


1面 Disabled kids in Tokyo to use controversial texts
The Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education on Tuesday
formally decided to adopt a controversial history
textbook penned by nationalist historians in 26 middle
schools for chronically ill and mentary disabled

YB L9 (1) chronic restrained eating  習慣的食事制限 
YB L13 (3) chronic 常習的な
YB L18 (4) chronic pain 慢性の痛み
The two countries say it glosses over Japanese wartime atrocities.

☆gloss over 〜をうまく言い逃れる、ごまかす 

YB 2000 L7 atrocity,残虐行為、悲惨な状態

They explained that board members who support the publisher
believed that the textbooks were "excellent in promoting a
course of study that would help children deepen their love
of the nation's history and nurture their sense being
a member of the nation."

YB L11 (3) nurture 養成(育成)する

1面 Poll: 67% see reform pledge being kept
☆pledge 誓う
The figure shows that the public still remained in favor of
the prime minister and have high expectations of his
government, despite a mild dip in Koizumi's popular support
three months after he took office.

☆take office 就任する

YB 2000 L7 dip into one's pocket,(慈悲などに)お金を使う
YB L6  (1) dip into (貯金などに)手をつける 
YB L14 (3) dip わずかな下落
YB L15 (1) dip (一時的に)下がる、沈下する
YB L17 (3) dip one's toe in the water 試しに様子をうかがう

1面 Workers must not be sacrificed on structural reform alter
★map out 
The successful implementation of structural reforms, including
the disposal of bad loans, will require the government to
map out macroeconomic measures to address the problems

YB L18 (1)  map out 地図に〜を精密に記す、地図を区域分けする

The Koizumi Cabinet spelled out a policy to cap government 
bonds issued in fiscal 2002 at \30 trillion as a fiscal
structural reform

YB L15 (3) put a cap on 〜の上限を設ける
ここでは cap 〜の上限を定める

★come up with
the Hashimoto administration failed to come up with speedy
remedies, resulting today's serious economic slump

YB L11 (3) come up with 〜を出す、〜を拠出する
YB L18 (2) remedy 療法、治療、医療

2面 917 needle accident cases reported at Chiba hospitals
★hypodermic needle
More than 900 incidents in which doctors and nurses pricked
themselves with hypodermic needles or scalpels with
patient's blood on them were reported by 87 hospitals in
Chiba Prefecture

☆scalpel 外科用メス

YB L18 (1) hypodermic needle 皮下注射針

☆contract disease 病気にかかる

3面 Japan-U.S. relations strong for now
They even advocate that if (becoming independent) damages
the Japan-U.S. relationship, it could be supplemented by
relations with other countries.

☆advocate 〜を主張する

YB L9 (3) health supplement 健康補助食品 



kaburi wordsを出現数でsortしました。

ユニークkaburi数  67 (先月: 84)
のべkaburi数      81 (先月:126)

The total number of kaburi has dipped by 40 words.


3	★stem from 由来する
2	★come up with 思い付く
2	★dip 下がる
2	★dip into お金に手をつける
2	★in line with にあわせて、調和して
2	★pad 水増しする(外務省関連)
2	★rampant はびこる
2	★reprimand 叱責する(外務省関連)
2	★ring 一味
2	★shed  落とす
2	★unemployment 失業者(構造改革関連)
2	★woe 苦痛
2	★woo せがむ、求婚する
1	★age bracket 年齢層
1	★aggravate 悪化させる
1	★benefits 利益
1	★breathe a sigh of relief  ほっとする     
1	★bridge the gap ギャップを埋める
1	★brisk 活発な
1	★cap 上限
1	★chronic 慢性の
1	★clout 影響力
1	★coincide with 一致する 
1	★confront 対決する
1	★conspiracy 陰謀
1	★counterfeit 模造品
1	★depict 描く
1	★discontent 不満
1	★dub 〜と名づける
1	★ensure 確実にする
1	★expose さらす
1	★felony 重罪
1	★flounder もがく、ヒラメ、カレイ(海底でもがくから)
1	★fresh out of 出たての
1	★geeky オタク
1	★get-together 集まり
1	★gift certificates 商品券
1	★hike 値上げ、引き上げ
1	★house 泊める
1	★in the long run 長期的には
1	★incline 〜する気持ちにさせる
1	★insulate 隔離する
1	★lag 遅れる
1	★land a job 職を得る
1	★lucrative 儲かる
1	★map out 計画を立てる
1	★nullify むだにする
1	★on the spot その場で
1	★onlooker 傍観者
1	★pension 年金
1	★put a lid on 悪化を防ぐために何かする
1	★put caps on 上限を設ける
1	★reap the benefit 恩恵を得る
1	★reassure 安心させる
1	★roster 登録名簿
1	★six-figure 六桁(数十万ドル)の所得
1	★sizable かなり大きい
1	★sloppiness 堕落
1	★sophomore 二年生
1	★spot 見分ける
1	★spur 駆り立てる
1	★straits 苦境
1	★supplementary 補正
1	★tax deduction 課税控除
1	★that's for sure それは確かですね
1	★wages 賃金



☆allege (証明はできないが)主張する
☆attribute 〜のせいにする
☆bat in the wild 野生のコウモリ
☆boardwalk 遊歩道
☆chasm 裂け目、(比ゆ的に)亀裂、(感情・意見の)食い違い
☆conspire 共謀する
☆consul general 総領事
☆contagious disease 接触伝染病
☆corruption 堕落
☆crumble 弱まる
☆defer 延期する
☆deodorize 匂いを消す
☆dismissal 解雇
☆divert 方向転換する
☆embezzle 横領する
☆ensue 続いて起こる
☆evasive  回避的な、責任のがれの、ごまかしの
☆family allowance 家族手当
☆favorable currency rates 好都合な為替レート
☆feudal-era 封建時代
☆float 山車
☆foe 障害
☆forgery 偽造
☆formidable 手に負えない
☆freighter 貨物船
☆glaring 紛れもない
☆glut 供給過剰
☆grilled eel うなぎの蒲焼
☆harbor 心に抱く
☆hull 船体
☆impede 邪魔をする
☆in full bloom 満開で
☆incarcerate 監禁する
☆indictment 起訴
☆in-house probe 組織内調査
☆loophole 抜け穴
☆misappropriate 横領する
☆molest 痴漢する
☆moor 湿原地
☆offense 犯罪
☆persuasive arguments 説得力のある議論
☆plead guilty 有罪を認める
☆plight 苦境
☆renovation リフォーム
☆repentance 悔い、後悔
☆rhetorical 修辞学の
☆ringing endorsement はっきりとした支持  
☆saury サンマ
☆scrutinize 綿密に調べる
☆securities forgery offenses 有価証券偽造罪
☆securities 有価証券
☆sluggishness 不活発
☆special quota 特別枠?
☆stand (規則・決心などが)変わらないでいる、有効である
☆subcontractor 下請け
☆sunken ship 沈没船
☆supplementary budget 補正予算
☆suspension 停職
☆techie コンピュータに詳しい人 
☆trouncing 大敗   
☆tuberculosis 結核
☆urchin ウニ
☆wield (権力など)をふるう、行使する
☆withdraw from the community 社会から引きこもる
☆yawning gap/hole/chasm etc.

●IT基本法 IT Basic Law
●IT国家基本戦略 Basic IT Strategy
●違憲 violation of the Constitution
●栄典制度 decoration system
●赤字国債 deficit-covering bond



Yomy ClubのDaily Yomiuri全文検索の無料期間が12/31までに延長されました!


3面 Tokyo office glut expected in 2003
Real estate brokers predict there will be a glut of
empty offices in Tokyo buildings in 2003, despite
current brisk sales due to large-scale redevelopment
projects that have raised land prices of sites near 
major roads and office rents.

☆glut 供給過剰

YB L7 (4) brisk 威勢がよい、活発な 


8面 No room at school for real English


認められず、「輪を乱す自分勝手」な先生 として迫害されます。

★conspiracy 陰謀
The majority of teachers and supervisors participate
in a silent conspiracy not to follow ministry guidelines
and, further, to punish anyone who threatens to break ranks.

kaburi 7/27 ☆conspire 共謀する


9面 Editorial analysis a useful class tool
Accordingly, I often ask students in my Rhetorical Analysis 
classes to conduct analyses of editorials from newspapers,
magazines or other media, as reading such materials exposes
them to persuasive arguments.

☆rhetorical 修辞学の
☆persuasive arguments 説得力のある議論

YB L18 (4) expose 映し出す、さらす

10面 Japanese firms break taboo by importing from China
If manufacturing is outsourced as well, Japanese managers 
need never confront the yawning divide between Japan and
the rest of the world.

☆yawning gap/hole/chasm etc.
a very large hole or space, or a very large difference 
in people's attitudes, opinions etc.

☆chasm 裂け目、(比ゆ的に)亀裂、(感情・意見の)食い違い

例 Rarely has the yawning gap between the two parties been so clear.

YB 2000 L6 confrontation,対決


1面 Floats on parade
In the "Otoori parade," 26 decorated floats, mainly
depicting scenes of famous feudal-era battles, went
through the city's main streets.

☆feudal-era 封建時代
☆float 山車

YB L3 (3) depict 描写する、描く 

1面 Budget should foster meaningful growth
Finance Minister Masajuro Shiokawa said in an interview 
with The Yomiuri Shimbun that a supplementary budget will
be compiled.

☆supplementary budget 補正予算

YB L9 (3) health supplement 健康補助食品 

1面 South Korean boats begin saury fishing off disputed islands
Under a Russian-South Korean fishing accord, each of the 26
South Korean saury fishing boats must carry a Russian monitor
to ensure there is no violation of the fishing agreement.

☆saury サンマ

YB L18 (2) ensure 確実にする

2面 Govt workers could face dismissal, suspension for 
sexual harassment
Under the guidelines, central government workers will 
have their pay cut or receive reprimands if they make
a sexual remark in front of a colleague even though
they do not realize that the colleague may be offended
by such behavior.

☆dismissal 解雇
☆suspension 停職

YB 2000 L26 (1) reprimand 叱責する、非難する


1面 Jobless rate in June edges up to 4.92%
★age bracket
Among those voluntarily quitting their jobs,
the number is the largest in the 25-34 age bracket,
which is up 160,000 to 520,000, pushing the group's
jobless rate up 0.9 points to 5.6 percent for men 
and 0.7 point to 7.1 percent to women.

YB L12 (1) income bracket 所得層
YB L16 (4) age bracket 年齢層

1面 Matsushita posts net loss of \19 bill.
★aggravate 悪化させる
The company, known for its National and Panasonic
brands of products, attributed the poor showing
to aggravated global market conditions for
information technology-related products.

☆attribute 〜のせいにする
YB L17 (3) aggravation 挑発行為、迷惑なもの、いらだち

1面 Matsuo pleads guilty to dipping into govt fund
★dip into
☆plead guilty 有罪を認める
 plead not guilty 有罪を認めない

YB L6 (1) dip into (貯金などに)手をつける 
YB 2000 L7 dip into one's pocket,(慈悲などに)お金を使う

22面 Honda revs up profits
Honda Motor Co. reported record quarterly net profits on
Tuesday, spurred by favorable currency rates and strong
sales in its home market.

☆favorable currency rates 好都合な為替レート

YB L17 (4) spur かりたてる

★reap the benefit
Honda, like most other Japanese car makers, is reaping
the benefit of a weak yen.

YB 2000 L7 reap the benefit,恩恵を得る、利益を得る
YB L4 (2) reap 受ける、収穫する、獲得する 



1面 Koizumi set to move ahead on reform
★put caps on

He plans to spell out specific structural reform
measures in a yet-to-be-approved set of standards
for budgetary requests for the fiscal 2002 budget,
including putting caps on the issuance of new 
governmental bonds at \30 trillion

YB L15 (3) put a cap on 〜の上限を設ける

★map out
Koizumi is set to start mapping out specific measures
to reform public corporations.

★☆あといっぽでビンゴ!☆★  昨日のやさビジ 
YB L18 (1) map out 地図に〜を精密に記す、地図を区域分けする

The Sunday election was the seventh time that voter turnout 
has dipped below 60 percent in upper house elections.

YB L15 (1) dip (一時的に)下がる、沈下する

10面 Univ. offers unique combination of IT, English
★land a job
Many of these graduates have landed a job at such
major companies as Sony Corp., NEC Corp., NTT group firms
and Hitachi, Ltd.

YB 2000 L5 land a job,職を手に入れる(ものにする)

★coincide with 
This coincides with an increase in the number of
top-level researchers from Russia and Ukraine that
were in search of work in the wake of the collapse
of the Soviet Union.

YB L12 (2) coincide with 〜に符号(一致)する



英字新聞を読みましょう 追加。デイヨミMLのページです。このページに書いている内容を毎日投稿中!

2面 Denver consul general dismissed over scandal
Kawashima said he and former Deputy Vice Foreign Minister
Tomoyuki Abe were also severely reprimanded by Tanaka,
who accepted their offers to return 10 percent of their
salaries in repentance.

☆repentance 悔い、後悔
関連:Repentance comes too late. : 《諺》後悔先に立たず。 

YB 2000 L26 (1) reprimand 叱責する、非難する

2面 Ishihara Sangyo charged with price-fixing
The one-count felony indictment alleges the company
and the three executives conspired with other companies
to fix prices 

☆indictment 起訴
☆allege (証明はできないが)主張する
☆conspire 共謀する
例文 The company was accused of conspired with local 
company to fix prices. (ロングマン)

YB 2000 L8 (2) felony 重罪
関連:misdemeanor 軽犯罪、非行


連載 IT技術者に必要な英語とは第5回 追加
@IT TOEIC 600点への道 を追加。

1面 Govt to abolish quotas in fiscal 2002 budget
★put a lid on
The special quota system for budgetary allocations
was introduced in the fiscal 1995 budget, initially
to put a lid on government expenditures.

☆special quota 特別枠?

YB L15 (2) keep a lid on 〜を抑制(制限)する、〜を隠しておく
put a lid on は「悪化を防ぐために何かする」こと

2面 Man sues girl for falsely claiming he molested her
☆molest 痴漢する
★on the spot
He was arrested on the spot over violating ordinances of 
Chiba Prefecture and Tokyo.

YB L13 (2) on the spot その場で

2面 U.S. man gets 25 years for raping students
He was a member of a bondage and sadomasochism ring called
the Spokane Power Exchange.

YB L6 (5) porn ring ポルノ犯罪一味

3面 Response to economic woes tricky for coalition, opposition
★woes 苦痛、悩みの種 
YB L15 (2) Woe is me. ああ悲しいかな。



YB L15 (2) Woe is me. ああ悲しいかな。


1面 Nikkei average dives to lowest level since '85
★shed 落ちる
The broader Tokyo Stock Price Index (TOPIX) of all 
the First Section issues of the TSE shed 2.63 percent,
or 31.49 points, to 1,163.76

YB L9 (2) shed the excess weight 余分な体重を落とす 

★come up with
Traders were expressing disappointment that the G-8 
talks in Genoa, Italy, did not come up with specific
steps to please the financial markets.

YB L11 (3) come up with 〜を出す、〜を拠出する

According to analysts, market players had been
expecting Koizumi to release more details about 
how the bad-loan disposal would be achieved and
how the government would deal with the bankruptcies
and unemployment woes that would ensue.

☆ensue 続いて起こる

YB L15 (1) unemployment 失業率(者),失業手当
YB L15 タイトル Wooing Workers 人材募集中 (woo せがむ)




Googleで"unemployment woes" で検索したら124件hitして、記事の

11面 Web-savvy youth teach peers about Net safty
These aren't just techie, geeky kids.

☆techie コンピュータに詳しい人 

YB L1 (2) geek 変人、オタク 

11面 Use UPS to protect your PCs, others devices from lightning
★insulate 隔離する、絶縁する
When you can't, insulate one part of a network
from the other with surge-protection devices.

YB L16 (2) insulation 絶縁材、断熱材


1面 G-8 leaders wrap up summit
The leaders insisted that their annual get-togethers served
a useful purpose in coordinating economic policies and
seeking solutions to global poverty.

YB L13 (3) get-together 会議、会合、親睦会、集まり


1面 Koizumi wins G-7 support for reforms	
★breathe a sigh of relief	
Genoa (Reuters) - Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi	
breathe a sigh of relief on Friday after his plans	
for structural reforms in Japan's struggling economy	
won a ringing endorsement by the Group of Seven	
leading industrial countries.	
☆ringing endorsement はっきりとした支持	
YB L13 (4) breathe a sigh of relief ほっとする	
YB L15 (3) breathe a sigh of relief ほっと一息つく	
3面 LDP members concerned over repeat of '98 election trouncing	
☆trouncing 大敗	
Looking at recent data, the Nikkei average has dipped
below 12,000, and the unemployment rate in May was 4.9
percent, tying the record.

YB L14 (3) dip わずかな下落
YB L15 (1) dip (一時的に)下がる、沈下する

3面 Camera captures rare Okinawa bat
Kazuo Minato, who photographed the bat in the wild,
spotted the bat at about 2:30 p.m. on June 27 in the
Yanbaru forest in the mountains of Kunigamison.

☆bat in the wild 野生のコウモリ

YB L6 (2) spot 見分ける、発見する 

5面 Atlantis astronauts start final spacewalk
Their job was to add the final touches to the new
air lock, installing the last of four air tanks - 
dubbed "doghouses" for their shape and size - onto the
outer hull of the air lock.

☆hull 船体

YB L4 (3) dub …と名付ける、…と呼ぶ 

from here, not kaburi but articles I read

2面 Eel farmers meeting demand for traditional summer fare
☆grilled eel うなぎの蒲焼
☆deodorize 匂いを消す

2面 Work begins on removal of Ehime Maru's mast
☆sunken ship 沈没船
☆impede 邪魔をする

2面 2 sisters starved to death
☆withdraw from the community 社会から引きこもる

2面 Denver consul general diverted $90,000
☆consul general 総領事
☆divert 方向転換する
☆embezzle 横領する
☆misappropriate 横領する
☆renovation リフォーム

3面 Field of gold
☆in full bloom 満開で
☆moor 湿原地
☆boardwalk 遊歩道


1面 G-7 leaders gather in Genoa
★house 泊める
The European Vision, docked at a Genoa port during
the three-day summit, will house leaders from all
G-8 countries except the United States.

YB L16 (4) be housed in 〜に収容されている
3面 Measured approach necessary for local government reform
★dip into
To ease the unemployment problem, the Akita prefectural
government will try for a soft landing in three to five
years, even if it has to dip into its reserve funds.

YB L6 (1)  dip into (貯金などに)手をつける 
YB 2000 L7 dip into one's pocket,(慈悲などに)お金を使う

It also should offer official assistance to families
in financial straits due to the reform process.

YB L4 (5) be in dire straits 苦境に立つ


1面 Govt's COP6 plan criticized
日本など4カ国による、いわゆるcarbon sink(=森林による

The proposal to abolish the caps, suggested in previous
rounds of multilateral negotiations, would create
glaring loophole in the Kyoto Protocol.

☆glaring 紛れもない
☆loophole 抜け穴

YB L15 (3) put a cap on 〜の上限を設ける

3面 Koizumi needs wise policies to realize reform
★stem from
Yet Koizumi's power base stems from strong but
unorganized public support.

YB L3 (1) stem from …に由来する、…から起こる 
YB L6 (2) stem from …に由来する 

Koizumi, as LDP president, should be able to wield
his clout over party executives.

☆wield (権力など)をふるう、行使する

YB L4 (1) clout 影響力、勢力 
YB L13 (2) clout 影響力、勢力 




1面 Krugman: Koizumi should clarify reform plans
クルーグマン教授が、The postal system is shameful.

2面 Mental health system scrutinized
The number of people forced to stay at psychiatric 
hospitals for 20 years or more totaled 17,000 in 1999, 
with some areas more inclined to incarcerate the mentally 
ill than others.

☆scrutinize 綿密に調べる
☆incarcerate 監禁する

YB L12 (3) be inclined to 〜する気である

3面 Actor's daughter 1st Japanese to debut in Thailand as singer 
★sophomore 2年生
She was a sophomore at Seijo University at that time.

YB L15 (2) senior 4年生
freshman  1年生 
sophomore 2年生
junior    3年生
senior    4年生

3面 Ministry official warned car-hire firm of police interest
... by padding the bills for cars hired by the ministry ...

... in exchange for the padded bills ...

... in charge of the bill-padding case ... 


YB L16 (1) pad 水増しする

3面 Arrests show ministry incompetence
The arrests of two Foreign Ministry officials on Monday on 
suspicion of padding hired-car bills, shed a bad light on
two fruitless in-house investigations the ministry conducted

YB L9 (2) shed the excess weight 余分な体重を落とす 

shed a bad light on とは???

英英によると、shed light on sth が 
to provide new information that makes a difficult subject 
or problem easier to understand 難しい問題に光明を与える、なので、

Monday's arrests of the two ministry officials highlighted
the sloppiness of the ministry's in-house probes and its
inability to rid itself of corruption on its own.

☆in-house probe 組織内調査
☆corruption 堕落

YB L1 (3) sloppy だらしのない、ずさんな、感傷的な 


K/H システム本を買ってしまった。


1面 Ministry officials held over bill-padding scam
Kobayashi of Hinomaru Limousine told The Yomiuri Shimbun
before his arrest that the company corporated in
padding bills at the request of the ministry.

YB L16 (1) pad 水増しする

★gift certificates
They also suspect that the two cashed the coupons 
at shops that exchange money for vouchers and other
items such as gift certificates and train tickets.

YB L15 (3) gift certificate ギフト券

1面 Revitalize stock market by wooing individual assets
YB L15 タイトル Wooing Workers 人材募集中 (woo 求婚する)

★tax deduction
It is a given that revisions need to be made to cut taxes 
on capital gains and to allow deferred tax deductions 
on capital losses.

☆defer 延期する

YB 2000 L5 tax deductible,課税控除できる

If legal and taxation systems to introduce ETFs are
prepared, it will not be necessary to buy up sizable
amount of stocks from the market , thus avoiding
market confusion

YB L12 (1) sizable かなり大きい、相当な
YB L14 (3) sizable かなり大きい、相当な

2面 Other ministry officials received taxi coupons
Because the office deals with a large number of
subcontractors, it reportedly has become known
within the ministry as a lucrative place to work.

☆subcontractor 下請け

YB L4 (1) lucrative 有利な、儲かる 

3面 Denki Rengo revises standard for pay hike
YB L7 (3) hike 値上げ、引き上げ 
YB L15 (2) hike 引き上げ

☆family allowance 家族手当






3面 Voters bewildered by unclear options
★come up with
Some among the audience voiced their discontent
asking the candidates to come up with ideas that
would help them form concrete opinions 
concerning Koizumi's reform plans.

YB L15 (4) content with 〜に満足して、〜に甘んじて
YB L11 (3) come up with 〜を出す、〜を拠出する

6面 Infectious disease formidable foe
☆formidable 手に負えない
☆foe 障害

☆contagious disease 接触伝染病

 Ebola hemorrhagic fever エボラ出血熱
 Lassa fever ラッサ熱
 いわゆるmad cow disease 狂牛病

 AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria

☆tuberculosis 結核

Steps should also be taken to ensure that Japan is
prepared to combat any rampant infections disease
that may strike anytime soon.

YB L5 (4) rampant 広がって、はびこって、大流行して 
YB L6 (2) rampant はびこって、広がって、手に負えない 

18面 N. Korean freighters visiting Kanazawa more frequently
☆freighter 貨物船

Once they unloaded only crabs, but now they bring
flounder, urchin, shijimi clam and other items to the port.

☆urchin ウニ

YB L15 (2) flounder もがく、あがく

18面 Recording the past for the future
The only option for a young man was to sneak into
the woman's room at night to declare his love
for her and woo her.

YB L15 タイトル Wooing Workers 人材募集中 (woo 求婚する)


1面 Supreme Court: Govt must reveal Naha data
The Supreme Court ruled Friday that a former Naha
mayor's decision to disclose the construction data
on a Maritime Self-Defense Force facility in Naha
must stand, turning down the government's demand 
that the decision be nullified.

☆stand (規則・決心などが)変わらないでいる、有効である
(例)Her decision still stands.

YB L14 (4) nullify むだにする、帳消しにする

●栄典制度 decoration system
decorationは勲章という意味です。honors systemともいうらしい。 
there has always been debate over the decoration system. 


●違憲 violation of the Constitution

"I am not in the least concerned that visiting (the shrine) 
to pay my respects to the souls of the war dead and to show 
my determination not to take this country into war constitutes 
a [violation of the Constitution]," Koizumi said. 


3面 Govt must provide safety net for jobless
★stem from
Yet the current plight of the Japanese economy stems from 
a lack of demand - a sluggishness in consumption and 

☆plight 苦境
☆sluggishness 不活発

YB L3 (1) stem from …に由来する、…から起こる 

★fresh out of
Recently, the so-called lifetime employment system -
whereby a new employee hired fresh out of school
could be assured of a job until retirement - has been

☆crumble 弱まる

YB L14 (4) fresh out of college 大学を出たての

At the same time, corporate systems and practices that 
award better retirement benefits and pensions for
longer-serving staff should be revised.

YB L11 (3) benefit 恩恵、利益
YB L15 (1) benefits 手当
YB L15 (1) insurance benefits 失業保険給付金
YB L14 (3) pension 年金


24面 Iriki brothers, Petagine added to CL All-Star roster

英会話 7/9 roster 登録名簿
Hector goes over his roster of campers with Julie.

●赤字国債 deficit-covering bond

It is wrong to propose revitalizing the economy 
by recklessly issuing [deficit-covering government bonds].   

There is no other choice but to issue 
[deficit-covering bonds] as the source of financing. 




1面 Report: Emissions of greenhouse gas reach 1.3 bil. tons
★bridge the gap
However, they failed to bridge the gap between their positions 
on the ratification process for the environmental pact, with 
Japan evasive on sending a clear message to the resumed sixth 
session of the Conference of the Parties (COP6) to the U.N. 
Framework Convention on Climate Change set for July 16 to 27 in Bonn. 

☆evasive  回避的な、責任のがれの、ごまかしの

YB L11 (2) narrow the gap 格差を縮める
YB L11 (2) bridge 埋める、乗り越える

1面 Can the public endure structural reform?
★in the long run
I am convinced that it is possible that unemployment cannot
be solved in the long run through adjustment in wages.

YB L15 (1) unemployment 失業率(者)、失業手当 
YB L11 (2) in the long run 長期的には
YB L15 (1) wages 賃金、給料

★stem from 
The low private consumption stems from concern over employment
and income.

YB L3 (1) stem from …に由来する、…から起こる 

Since the private sector stepped up restructuring efforts
and the government failed to reassure the people, public
shock and anxiety have shrunk the economy.

YB L14 (1) reassure 安心させる

28面 Ono goes Dutch
★in line with
But this dicision to let him go - in line with his 
long-harbored wish - is one we cannot bypass for the 
future of Japanese soccer.

☆harbor 心に抱く

YB L12 (3) be in line with 〜と一致(調和)している


「新英語の世界エルハザード」さん が突然の閉鎖です。


18面 Kennedy memorabilia auction brings
$185,000 from bidders on Internet
★that's for sure
I am going to sit in it, that's for sure,
he said. Then, maybe, he'll accept a six-figure offer.

YB L5 (3) That's for sure それは確かですね。 
YB L12 (2) six-figure income 六桁(数十万ドル)の所得(収入)

18面 Welsh teenage hacker sentenced psychiatric care
Gray's defense team argued that he suffered chronic low
self-esteem and committed the crimes after unstable 
mental state was aggravated by a blow to the head.

YB L9 (1) chronic restrained eating  習慣的食事制限 
YB L13 (3) chronic 常習的な

18面 Webcams click with businesses
And some of those onlookers also gazed above the live
video at the banner ad for Chambers' Internet software
development business, Atomicweb.

YB L8 (4) detached onlooker 私心のない(公平な)傍観者 

19面 Cybermania takes Iran govt by surprise
Iran lags behind much of the world in Internet use

YB L11 (2) lag 遅れる

●IT国家基本戦略 Basic IT Strategy


On the threshold of the 21st century, Japan must take 
revolutionary yet realistic actions promptly, without 
being bound by existing systems, practices and interests, 
in order to create a “knowledge-emergent society,” 
where everyone can actively utilize information technology 
(IT) and fully enjoy its benefits. 


最適英語学習法がわかるページの掲示板に行くと、TOEICをただで受けられるかも、、、。 私は申し込みました。



「ニュース英語小事典2001」 シリーズも開始!
●IT基本法 IT Basic Law


The IT basic law, which comes into effect on Jan. 6, 2001, 
was passed through the upper house of the Diet with the 
support of lawmakers from both ruling and opposition parties. 
It was drafted to become the building block on which Japan 
will transform itself into an advanced, information 
network-based society. 


7面 IC chips promise bright future
In the United States, securities forgery offenses,
including the forging of checks and merchandise coupons,
have been rampant - the number of counterfeits of such
securities has reached 68 billion a year

☆securities 有価証券
☆forgery 偽造
☆offense 犯罪
☆securities forgery offenses 有価証券偽造罪

YB L5 (4) rampant 広がって、はびこって、大流行して 
YB L6 (4) counterfeit 紛い品、模造品、偽造品 

Even if new watermark or hologram techniques are developed, 
they can reportedly be duplicated by forgery rings in a
couple of months

YB L6 (5) porn ring ポルノ犯罪一味

7面 Ratify protocol first, persuade U.S. later
★be in line with
Calls for preventing global warming have not been
motivated by emotion, but are in line with the findings
of world-scale scientific research

YB L1 (3) in line with …に合わせて、…と調和して 


e-Coaching BBSは6月をもって終了しましたが、参照だけはできるようです。 ただし今日はサーバエラーで落ちてます。



kaburi wordsを出現数でsortしました。

ユニークkaburi数   84
のべkaburi数      126

6	★in line with
4	★antagonize
4	★brisk
4	★crack down
4	★framework
4	★raid
3	★clout
3	★dub
3	★slip into


2	★age bracket
2	★chronic
2	★commotion
2	★concerted effort
2	★crash diet
2	★culinary
2	★determined
2	★dose
2	★irresponsible
2	★litter
2	★pink slip
2	★raise funds
2	★rank-and-file
2	★savvy
2	★spot
2	★strait
2	★upscale
1	★〜are the ones
1	★acute
1	★barrage
1	★be entitled to
1	★be in dire straits
1	★cash in on
1	★catch on
1	★clan
1	★come up with
1	★comprehensive
1	★corporate ladder
1	★cost-cutting
1	★deserve
1	★editor in chief
1	★equivalent
1	★facelift
1	★fraud
1	★gadget
1	★get rich quick
1	★get the job done
1	★hang out
1	★have mixed feeling
1	★hefty
1	★hygiene
1	★illiterate
1	★in a nutshell
1	★infectious
1	★lag
1	★loyal
1	★lucrative
1	★malignant
1	★mandatorily
1	★Now that (=since) 
1	★on the spot
1	★platform
1	★potluck party
1	★rampant
1	★rejuvenate
1	★reprimand
1	★rip-off
1	★scam
1	★She was born with a golden spoon in her mouth.
1	★shell out
1	★shrug off
1	★six figures
1	★sloppy
1	★staffer
1	★stem from
1	★stigma
1	★stumble
1	★take-home
1	★tax-deductible
1	★train rage
1	★tumor
1	★upbeat
1	★verge
1	★vulnerable



2面 Young may have to pay for nursing care insurance
★age bracket
★be entitled to
The expansion of the age bracket of the insured will 
not only affect the issue of whether disabled people,
who currently are entitled to welfare, should be covered
by the system

YB L12 (1) income bracket 所得層
YB L5 (1) be entitled to …の資格がある 

3面 Koizumi fails close U.S.-Europe gap
★concerted action
Prime Minister Tony Blair said he appreciated Koizumi's
efforts, promising him that Britain would pursue 
concerted action through bilateral discussions.

たぶん去年のやさビジ concerted effort 一致協力した努力

Although the protocol's purpose deserves respect,
the important question is what means should be 
taken to achieve the target.

The missile defense study deserves sympathetic 

YB L13 (1) deserve 〜を受けるのは当然だ、〜に値する

3面 Koizumi goods selling well
Koizumi praised a feudal clan that used rice donations
from another clan to build a school despite its needy
circumstances in the early Meiji period.

feudal 封建制の

英会話 7/2 clan 一族


3面 Vested interests block path of reform process
Even those members without vested interests often
do not risk antagonizing public corporations.

vested interests 既得権益

YB L8 (3) antagonistic 対立(敵対)する 

18面 More high-rise condominiums being built in Tokyo, Yokohama
An increasing number of high-rise condominiums with
20 stories or more have been constructed in upscale
areas near the city centers in Tokyo and Yokohama.

high-rise condominium 高層マンション

YB L3 (5) upscale 金持ちの、高級な、平均より上の
YB L12 (2) upscale 金持ちの、平均より上の、高級な
YB L12 (3) upscale 上流向けの、高級な

The brisk condo construction is attributed to a fall
in land prices and a rise in the number of buyers
wanting a bird's-eye view of the city center

YB L7 (4) brisk 威勢がよい、活発な 


3面 Bureaucrats sap vitality of privatized airport
One official said that Osaka prefectural officials
were determined that the prefectural government
would not fund the project.

sap 活力をなくす、徐々に弱らせる

★☆ビンゴ!☆★  今日のやさビジ 
YB L14 (3) determined 決然(断固)とした
Around 80 percent of U.S. baby boomers are determined
to go on working after they turn 65.

6面 Discussions on carbon tax needed
the advisory panel has insisted on saving energy
equivalent to 57 million kiloliters of crude oil

★☆ビンゴ!☆★  今日のやさビジ 
YB L14 (3) equivalent (〜に)相当する、同等の

23面 Blair tells Koizumi U.K. to introduce euro
★slip into
Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi vowed Monday to take
bold and flexible measures to prevent Japan from
slipping into a depression

vow 誓う

YB L7 (4) slip into …に素早く(密かに)乗り込む 

According to the paper, Koizumi is determined to
pursue his radical reform programs despite fresh signs
of a slowing economy

pursue 追い求める、実行する

★☆ビンゴ!☆★  今日のやさビジ 
YB L14 (3) determined 決然(断固)とした
Around 80 percent of U.S. baby boomers are determined
to go on working after they turn 65.

23面 U.S. stocks up on blue chips
★shrug off
Wall Street began its fiscal third quarter on a mostly
positive note Monday as blue chips shrugged off an
earnings warning from 3M to rally on some 
better-than-expected economic news.

blue chip 優良株
rally (株価が)持ち直す、反発する

YB L13 (3) shrug off 無視する、軽視する、やり過ごす

★determined は今日のやさビジでWords and Phrasesにもあげられて




10面 Size does matter when it's small
NYで開かれた今年のPC Expoの中心はPDAだ。
★slip into
Usually networked to the owner's home computer,
these gadgets weigh no more a paper address book
and slip easily into a pocket or a purse.

YB L12 (1) gadget (ちょっとした)装置、道具、小物
YB L7 (4) slip into …に素早く(密かに)乗り込む 

10面Online cedit card fraud worries French most, intl survey shows
The French are most fearful about online credit card fraud.

YB 2000 L6 fraud,詐欺
YB L6 (2) fraud 詐欺、詐欺的行為 

11面 Online games making play for mature audience
★shell out
the game companies are betting that as their offerings
increase and high-speed Internet access becomes more common,
consumers will shell out a monthly fee in much the same way 
they pay for cable television today.

YB L10 (2) shell out 所要金額を払う 


1面 Amorphous public corporations hard to kill
★rank-and-file staffers
When compared with other public corporations, the JRDC
has a far larger number of senior executives in proportion 
to rank-and-file staffers.

Amorphous あいまいな、非結晶質の ←こっちが有名?

たぶん昨年のやさビジ 平社員、一般組織員
YB L2 (3) staffer 従業員、職員 

2面 Koizumi's diplomatic debut gets pass mark
Koizumi was "an unknown quantity" in terms of his 
diplomatic savvy

YB L3 (3) savvy 経験豊富な、精通した 

These upbeat reactions demonstrated the two leaders'
high expectations for their first meeting.

YB L13 (2) upbeat 好まれている、楽天的な、明るい

13面 How Dangerous Is Global Warming?
15面 livedoor staying a step ahead of other free ISPs


3面 Koizumi takes Diet by storm
The recently closed Diet session provided further
proof of the political clout wielded by Prime
Minister Junichiro Koizumi's on the strength the 
overwhelming percentage of government-sponsored bills
passed during the session

wield (権力など)をふるう、行使する、(影響など)を及ぼす

YB L4 (1) clout 影響力、勢力 

7面 Rain - a precious natural resource
Our forests are littered with dumped garbage, which
pollutes the springs that form the headwaters of rivers.

springs 水源地
headwaters (川の)源流、上流

YB 2000 L11(3) litter ごみ

20面 French only dislike Americans who eat

What lies ahead for the European Unions?
This question is very much on the minds of concerned
journalists looking for a way to take a tax-deductible
vacation abroad.

YB 2000 L5 tax deductible,課税控除できる